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Closet office ideas: 10 clever ways to create home working space

It isn’t ideal to place a desk (that represents working) next to a bed (that represents sleeping). However, if you have to put the desk next to the bed, you can still arrange your bedroom office in a way that works best for you. Sometimes you’ll have to put the desk in an inconvenient place because there isn’t another space available. There are a limited number of places in one room where you can put a desk or any large piece of furniture. The size of your bedroom will determine whether a placement will work for you or not. This sweet little office nook uses the entire wall for storage and organizing — part pinboard, part pegboard with storage bins, part magnet board, part decoration.

putting desk in closet

Which is why this desk in a closet was the perfect solution. In the picture below you can see where we filled the screw holes along the front face of the countertop – this was before they were fully dry and I sanded them smooth. After attending Texas A&M University, she received her Master of Divinity with Biblical Languages at SWBTS. Her passions unite in Renovated Faith, which demonstrates that anyone can renovate a house, but only God can transform our hearts. Use the smoothest side of your plywood for the desk top. For power, I was planning this out as we were renovating our apartment, so I had an outlet put in the back of this PAX.


The last step was to use some rustic toned wood stain and then a few coats of a clear satin Varathane to seal it up. And when you’ve got two busy little boys sharing a relatively small bedroom you kinda need to maximize every square inch. The easiest and most cost-effective option is to use pine and use a faux finish on the desk. That way you get the look of any hardwood you can think of without the high cost and possible warping that can issue with some hardwoods. After a few hours, caulk any edges of the top where there is a slight gap between the wall. Set the top in place and put some heavy objects on top to help it to stay in place as it dries.

  • Closets located in living areas also transform easily into stylish office nooks.
  • We love the stone wall look Molly shared on her blog, The Honest Home.
  • It takes a bit of planning to pull this off, but it’s worth the effort.
  • The built-in desk area off the great room is a perfect place for keeping track of the family’s daily activities.
  • To transform a closet into an office, you can start by removing the closet doors and any unnecessary shelving or hanging rods.

Design an office in a closet and you won’t have to dedicate another room to it, but you can gain an organized area in which to concentrate on the task at hand. Whether you put up a corner desk or place it against one wall, any partition like a privacy screen serves as a line of demarcation between your office space and your bedroom. This colorful and bold office also kept the hanging rod for a quick transition back to converting closet to office a clothes closet when needed — but wrapped the rod with wallpaper as camouflage. This closet office takes it one step further by turning the entire backside of both doors into a large memo board with ribbons to tuck photos, documents, or notes into. This small closet office works double duty — a corner desk AND a corner cushion for reading and relaxing. If you can’t clear out a full closet, clear out just the bottom.

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Once you have the marks made, drill screw holes along each mark and in the center of the 1×2. Drill a wide enough hole for the screws to fit through easily. Cut your plywood board with a circular saw or jigsaw to fit the size of your closet and set it aside. Now that you’ve taken inventory of your available closet space and have a plan, it’s time to get your materials. You need a cloffice (what the cool kids call a closet office).